Awesome Mu Cang Chai

Today was so awesome! So here I am, in My Can Chai, which is supposed to have some of the most beautiful terrace fields in Asia, and yet it’s not known by most travellers. They say that almost all tourists that wanna see the rice fields in Vietnam go to Sapa (I went there in… Read More

Beautiful Train Ride

This is a portrait I took of a young monk in Myanmar during one of the stops that we did on our way to the mountains by train, considered one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, only!! 13 beautiful hours of train. I was supposed to be flying to Vietnam today but… Read More

The Forbidden Academy

This is a shot I took during the twilight of our first night in Laraung Gar, the biggest buddhist academy in the world, located over 4000m above the sea level, hosting between 25 and 50 thousand monks and nuns. As I mentioned in another post, this place started to be forbidden to foreigners a couple… Read More

The UK Times Newspaper

The newspaper The Times from the UK has published another of my photos! Being published in the second biggest-selling newspaper in a country like the UK is such a great achievement. This is the second publication in a big British newspaper this week after the one last Monday by the Daily Mail. Thank you for… Read More