The Forbidden Academy

This is a shot I took during the twilight of our first night in Laraung Gar, the biggest buddhist academy in the world, located over 4000m above the sea level, hosting between 25 and 50 thousand monks and nuns.

As I mentioned in another post, this place started to be forbidden to foreigners a couple months ago by the Chinese government, but a man that picked us up when we were hitchhiking managed to sneak us in.

We stayed a total of 4 nights, without any trouble, being the only foreigners that made it here during those days. I will soon upload an album of portraits I took of the daily life of the amazing people that live here.

These are the male dormitories, located on a hill, that will soon be demolished, at least part of it, by the Chinese authorities.

So sad!! At least I could make it here and take photos before it is too late.

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