Date Archives September 2017

Souls of Northern Vietnam

For me, portraiture is about capturing the soul behind the eyes of the subject in order to transmit feelings to the viewer. Visiting such a remote part of Vietnam gives endless possibilities and I am happy to be one of the few that has gone to this place. People here are unique, their happiness and… Read More

Skies and Galaxies

Pretty sick night shooting the Milky Way in Vietnam! The other two glowing points that you see are other two galaxies, so I got three galaxies in one single shot! Nice!

Awesome Mu Cang Chai

Today was so awesome! So here I am, in My Can Chai, which is supposed to have some of the most beautiful terrace fields in Asia, and yet it’s not known by most travellers. They say that almost all tourists that wanna see the rice fields in Vietnam go to Sapa (I went there in… Read More

Beautiful Train Ride

This is a portrait I took of a young monk in Myanmar during one of the stops that we did on our way to the mountains by train, considered one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, only!! 13 beautiful hours of train. I was supposed to be flying to Vietnam today but… Read More