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North Korea, probably the most hermetic country in the world, is not the most conventional traveler destination. I remember during high school I did a 3-month project about this unique nation. I was very interested in researching why in today’s globalized world, there is still place that work so bizarelly in many ways. My teacher… Read More


On that tragic morning of December 26, 2004, an immense earthquake shook the depths of the Indian Ocean 160 kilometers off the coast of Aceh, followed by a giant wave that killed nearly two hundred and thirty thousand lives in the course of a few hours. It destroyed the homes of millions of people, and… Read More

Taiwan sets an example for the world in its fight against COVID-19

Spanish reporter residing in Taiwan, Gonzalo Bendito, shares his experience. Why while the situation gets out of hand in many countries such as the US, Italy or Spain, in Taiwan there are hardly 420 cases and life goes on as before? This question has a very simple answer: taking preventive measures on time. This nation… Read More

The Killer Wave

On December 26 2004, a devastating earthquake with magnitude of 9.3, the second biggest ever recorded in history, hit at 30km of depth in the waters of the Indian Ocean, very close the shores of the city of Banda Aceh, located in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake hit hard at 7:30 am local time, causing… Read More

Mentawai, The Last Shamans

I remember during my last year of high school, I did a 3-month research about tribes around the world. I was always fascinated with the fact that there are still people out there who live the same way (or almost) as they did hundreds of years ago. The Mentawai people live across the island of… Read More

Gorgeus Queenie

Look at this cutie, my co-worker’s daughter, her name is Queeny, like a little queen. I had the pleasure to photograph this gorgeous baby and her parents last weekend. Some of the photos were taken from ground level, which means that I had to lie on the grass for a while. I didn´t think about… Read More

In love with Vietnam

Just finished an amazing week in Vietnam. I am so happy to have discovered such a hidden gem in a touristy country like Vietnam. People here are truly humble, friendly, welcoming and HAPPY. Children here don’t play with iPhones or tablets. Instead, they play with mud, animals, sticks, rocks, in the river. Kids in developed… Read More

Souls of Northern Vietnam

For me, portraiture is about capturing the soul behind the eyes of the subject in order to transmit feelings to the viewer. Visiting such a remote part of Vietnam gives endless possibilities and I am happy to be one of the few that has gone to this place. People here are unique, their happiness and… Read More

Skies and Galaxies

Pretty sick night shooting the Milky Way in Vietnam! The other two glowing points that you see are other two galaxies, so I got three galaxies in one single shot! Nice!

Awesome Mu Cang Chai

Today was so awesome! So here I am, in My Can Chai, which is supposed to have some of the most beautiful terrace fields in Asia, and yet it’s not known by most travellers. They say that almost all tourists that wanna see the rice fields in Vietnam go to Sapa (I went there in… Read More